Useful Hints

Useful hints about Kotor
Useful hints about Kotor
Useful hints about Kotor

Travelling Documents: It is compulsory to have passport for foreign visitors. You may need a visa to enter Montenegro. It is advised to check it before you travel.

Time Zone: +1 GMT 

Working Hours: Public services work from Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm, state institutions from 09:00am to 05:00pm. Most shops especially during summer open between 09:00am and 08:00pm. Post offices are open from Monday to Friday between 07:00am and 08:00pm. 

Making a phone call: Country code for Montenegro is +382. Area code for Kotor is 32.

Emergency Line: 122 for police, 123 for fire department, 124 for ambulance

Accessibility for individuals with disabilities: Most of the public facilities are not fully accessible, especially on the public transportation. Only new buildings meet the standards of the law regulating the accessibility of public facilities.

Health: Hospitals require payment for all services. You are advised to have a health insurance before travelling and make sure that it covers overseas.

Road Safety: In Montenegro, especially in the countryside the roads usually are not well-maintained. The roads to and in coastal towns are busy and may get overcrowded between May and October. Most Montenegrin drivers are tend to overtake on winding roads and blind corners.

Traffic Laws: Seat belt is obligatory. Mobile phone is prohibited while driving. Children under 5 must use a safety seat. Drivers must stop to let the pedestrians crossing in crosswalks. Alcohol limit is .03 percent.

Taxis: Taxis are metered. Be aware of some drivers trying to charge higher rates. 

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