Information about Kotor Montenegro
Information about Kotor
Information about Kotor
Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town
Kotor Port
Kotor Port

Kotor Information

Where is Kotor? How can I get to Kotor?

It is easy! Kotor transportation page will help you out to learn more about it. To get to Kotor Montenegro, the easiest and the best option is flying into Montenegro. There are two airport in Montenegro, the nearest to Kotor is Tivat Airport, the second one is Podgorica Airport. There’s a third option in Croatia, Dubrovnik Airport.

Kotor in World Heritage List of UNESCO

When was Kotor accepted in the UNESCO World Heritage List? When did Kotor become a candidate for UNESCO?

After the disastrous 1979 earthquake in the area, with the awakening of the Assembly of the community of Kotor, the area of 2600 hectares of sea and 12.000 land on Kotor - Risan Bay became a candidate to register in UNESCO list of the world’s natural and cultural heritage and Kotor itself became a candidate for the world’s endangered cultural heritage and was registered in 1979 by the Committee of the World Heritage of UNESCO at the session held in Cairo and Luxor between 22nd and 26th October. 

Kotor was chosen as a settlement for its location by the sea according to the myths.

According to the Greek fairy Alkima, the inhabitants were advised to settle by the sea, quoted “The sea shore should be your dwelling, because there is no life for you without the sea. There is no port for a ship on the mount, neither a horse can play there.” Therefore the fairy is known to be the reason of the town being built on today’s site. 

Geographical Information about Kotor

Kotor is a triangle town which is formed by the river Gurdic in the south and the river Skurda in the north and the sea in the west. The length of the sea shore is 671 metres. 

Lighthouse in Kotor

On the northern part of the shore there is the 7 metre high monument lighthouse. On the column of the lighthouse there are the important dates of Boka maritime history including the earthquake in 1979. 

Kotor City walls and Gates of the town

The city walls of the Kotor town are well preserved which have the length of 4.5 km / 2.8 miles and the width of 2 to 15 metres / 6 to 49 feet and the height of up to 20 metres / 65 feet. 

The 1350 serpentine shaped stairs, which are 1200 metre in length goes up to the church of Gospa od Zdravlja (Our Lady of Health) at the 110th metre attitude and the Tower of Sveti Ivan at the 260th metre attitude.

There are three gates at the Kotor town, western Gate of the sea is the largest one, northern gate and the southern gate which has triple gates within as the interior one dating back to 16th century, the central one dating back to 12th and 13th century and the outside one dating back to 18th century. 

Kotor in Montenegro

Kotor is in a recently founded Balkan Country, Montenegro. Montenegro is a mountainous country with a shore on the Adriatic Sea.

Kotor in the Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor, also known as Boka Kotorska, is the name of the area and the bay in Montenegro on the shores of Adriatic Sea. The length of the shore is 107 km / 67 miles. Most popular towns in the Bay of Kotor are Kotor, Tivat, Perast, Dobrota, Herceg Novi, Bar, Budva and Risan.

The Bay of Kotor has many attractions for visitors. There are lakes, castles, natural beauties, palaces, museums, monasteries, churches in the area.

On Kotor Montenegro website we have given information about the most important ones in details such as Port of Kotor, Kotor Old Town, Sveti Djordje Island, Sveti Stefan, Our Lady of the Rocks, St John’s Fortress, Blue Cave, Island Mamula, Kotor Maritime Museum, Church of Our Lady of Remedy, Porto Montenegro and Lake Skadar.

A bay of course has many beaches. You can find information about Kotor Beaches, Budva Beaches and Tivat Beaches on our website.

You have seen the attractions, been to the beaches but interested in doing more? Then have a look at our pages about Kotor sailing, trekking and hiking in Kotor Montenegro, cycling in Kotor and Kotor boat trip.

After a long day we all deserve to dine and wine. Why don’t you have a look at Cuisine of Kotor to find a local option to taste? And after dinner maybe a little bit of shopping…

Pima Palace Kotor Old Town
Pima Palace Kotor Old Town

Check the weather before you visit Kotor

You are planning a visit to Kotor but want to know the best month to travel? Check out our Kotor Weather before you travel.

Better have some hints about the area you are visiting

You have done it all, you have made your plans, you are going to visit Kotor soon but you still have some questions about why you are visiting Kotor. What is it about Kotor that makes it worth visiting? We know the answer and we share it with you on Why Kotor?

Do you want to know some useful hints of Kotor? We provide you with the information both on Useful Hints and Essential Information pages.

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