Kotor History

History of Kotor Montenegro
kotor history
kotor history

According to the findings in Spila Cave, the settlements in Kotor area date back to the prehistoric times. Some sources say that the foundation of Kotor goes back to 1000 BC and some sources say it was founded by the Romans who took over the region from the Illyrians in the 2nd Century BC. It was ruled by the Romans from 168 BC to 476 AD. When the Romans were divided, the city became a part of East Roman Empire, Byzantium when it was started to be called Decaderon.

Slovenian Period
After Slovenes were settled in the Balkans, in 1185 Kotor became a part of Nemanjic Serbian State. This is when the city was started to be called as its current name. 

In 1371 Kotor was taken over by the Hungarians, after the death of Serbian Tsar Dusan the Great, until 1384. The Bosnian King Tvrtko I took over the city and inherited the city to the Serbians who ruled it until 1391. Between 1391 and 1420 Kotor was an independent republic. However they couldn’t fight against the attacks of the aristocratic families and the Ottomans therefore accepted to be a part of the Moor Republic from 1420 till 1797

Austrian Empire
In 1797 the Austrian Empire (later Austro-Hungaria) took over the city until 1918. During this period the city went through loads of attacks and natural disasters like destructive earthquakes. Only for a short time within this period, the city was taken over by the Russian in 1806 for one year and the French until 1813 until the fall of Napoleon.

Austrians – Yugoslavs
In 1814 the city was given to the Austrians with the congress held in Paris, Paris Peace Congress. After the First World War Kotor was taken over by Yugoslavia. With the Second World War, Kotor was first occupied by Italians and then the Germans in 1944. 

The 7.3 magnitude earthquake in 1979 became the reason of being a candidate to register for the list of UNESCO World Treasures. City of Kotor and Kotor-Risan Gulf were accepted and registered as the natural and cultural treasures. 

Since 2006 Kotor has been a part of the independent state of Montenegro

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