How to get to Kotor

Bus, taxi, rent a car to get to Kotor
How to get to Kotor
Kotor Montenegro
Kotor Montenegro

By Plane to Kotor:

There are two international airports in Montenegro, Podgorica airport  and Tivat airport. As it is close to Dubrovnik Airport, it is another option to choose for the variety and frequency of flights and airlines all around the world. The distance between Dubrovnik Airport and Kotor is 70 km / 44 miles but the only disadvantage could be the waiting duration at the border of Montenegro and Croatia. 

From Podgorica Airport to Kotor: 

The best and easiest ways to go to Kotor from Podgorica Airport are taking a taxi, booking a private airport transfer or renting a car. The distance from Podgorica Airport, which is also known as Golubovci Airport, to Kotor is 87 km / 54 miles. It is about 1,5 hours drive. It is recommended to book your car or airport transfer before you arrive through car rental companies or travel agencies. 

There’s no public transportation from Podgorica Airport to Kotor. In order to use a public transportation, you need to go to the central bus station in Podgorica by taxi which is 12 km / 7.5 miles to the airport. From the bus station you can catch a bus to Kotor. This is not the recommended or the best or the cheapest way to travel from Podgorica Airport to Kotor because of the time and amount of money spent comparing to having a private transportation, renting a car or taking a taxi. 

From Tivat Airport to Kotor:

Tivat Airport is the closest airport to Kotor. It is just 10 minutes away. The distance between Tivat Airport and Kotor is about 8 km / 5 miles. If you don’t plan to rent a car during your stay in Kotor, the recommended way to go to Kotor from Tivat Airport is booking a private airport transfer or catching a taxi. Renting a car is an option only if you plan to keep the car during your stay. You are advised to book your airport transfer through travel agencies before you arrive. 

By Bus to Kotor Bus Station: 

The bus station is located just a few kilometres / miles from the Kotor city centre, within walking distance. There are buses from other major cities in Montenegro as well as the nearby countries.

By Boat to Kotor:

Kotor is located on the Bay of Kotor and is a popular call of many cruise ships all year round. If you are a sailor you can also take the advantage to visit Kotor by boat as it is a coastal town in Montenegro.

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