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Kotor essential information
Kotor essential information
Kotor essential information

Is it safe to travel to Kotor? 

This has become an important questions to ask before travelling abroad especially in recent years. Yes, it is safe to travel to Kotor. The crime rate is very low all around Montenegro. 

What’s the currency in Kotor?

Euro is the official currency in Montenegro and of course in Kotor. It is possible to pay by credit card at the hotels, restaurants and shops but sometimes at some small local stores you may need to pay in cash. If you plan to travel to other towns in Montenegro it is advised to have enough cash with you as in some towns shops and restaurants do not accept credit card and it may be difficult to find ATMs in small towns.

What language is spoken in Kotor?

The official language is Montenegrin. In Kotor and in other touristic areas many people speak English.

What to pack for Kotor?

If you are visiting between May and October you definitely will need beach wear and summer clothes. As it is sunny and hot in summer, it is advised to have sunglasses, sun cream and hat. If you are visiting Kotor between November and April, it is advised to be ready for the rain and chilly weather. Raincoat, coat, winter clothes and an umbrella would be the best to take with you while travelling to Kotor. 

Is it safe to drive in Kotor?

In general it is safe but always remember that you are driving in a different country where different cultural rules may apply. Mediterranean people are known to be passionate, fun-loving, friendly, social, laid-back and helpful. Therefore all these characteristics may reflect on driving habits.

Do we need a visa?

The European countries, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK don’t need a visa with stays less than 90 days. But it is advised to check the official requirements for your country before you travel.

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