Chronology of Kotor

Historical Chronology of Kotor
Historical Chronology of Kotor
Historical Chronology of Kotor

3400 BC – Finds in Spila cave above Perast date back to Neolithic age

2800 BC – In Grobljansko finds date back to Eneolithic and Bronze age

1400 BC – prehistoric drawings are found in Lipci

7th – 5th Centuries BC – Illyrians settled in Krtola, Gornji and Donji Grbalj

4th Century BC – Enhelei, the Illyrian tribe, setteled in the vicinity of Kotor at Rizanska Rijeka

3rd Century BC – Ardieia, the Illyrian tribe and its queen Teuta reigned in Risan

2nd Century BC – Romans took over the city

1st Century AD – Agruvium, a city which cannot be found, is mentioned in findings. Thought to be the area in Grbalj.

5th Century AD – Huns and Goths destroyed many settlements

530 – Byzantine Emperor Justinian rebuilt the city, the Episcopal Basilica was built.

680 – Catharum settlement in the area of Kotor

813 – Foundation of the Brotherhood of the Boka Kotorska Navy

867 – Lower Kotor was attacked by the Saracene Fleet

945 – Kotor was mentioned in the work of the Byzantine Tsar and the writer Constantine Porfirogenato

998 – The city was attacked by the Macedonian Emperor Samuilo

1166 – Consecration of the new St Tryphon Cathedral

1185 – Captain Jura, in the name of Nemanja, took over Kotor

1195 – St Luka Church was constructed and fresco painted

1221 – Sveta Marija od rijeke Church was constructed on the area of Episcopial Basilica

1263 – St Paul Church was constructed

1282 – Commemoration of the teacher Master Toma of the Grammar School.

1331 – St Tryphon Cathedral was decorated by the Greek artists

1378 – Attacked by the fleet of the Moor Admiral Vettoro Pisani 

1382 – Hungaro – Croation King Ludovik took over the city

1385 – Bosnian King Tvrtko I  took over the city

1391 – Tempore Catharinorum: City became an independent republic

1420 – Venice took over the city

1539 – Attacked by the Ottoman admiral Hayruddina Barbarosa and the first great earthquake

1564 – A destructive earthquake

1582 – A devastating earthquake

1656 – Attacked by the Ottomans

1667 – A destructive earthquake in Kotor and Dubrovnik

17th and 18th Century – Reconstruction of the city

1797 – Austria took over the city from the Moor Republic

1805 – Boka Kotorska was taken over by Russian Fleet Admiral Senjavin

1807 – Taken over by Napoleon

1814 – Taken over by Austro-Hungarians

1914-1918 – First World War

1929-2003 – Ruled by Yugoslavia

2006 – Montenegro declared independence

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