Celebrities of Kotor

Kotor`s most famous persons
Celebrities of Kotor
Celebrities of Kotor

Bernard Pima – A famous poet, a member of the noble family Pima. Born in 1575.

Trifun Bizanti – A noble man from Bizanti family from the end of 15th and the beginning of 16th Century

Vicko and Dominiko Buca – Patricians from Buca Family

Lord Jerolim Zagurovic – A pressman and a book editor

Djordje Bizanti – A man of letters from Renaissance

Ludovik Pakvalic – Lived between 1500 and 1551. A poet from Kotor.

Ivan Bona Borilis – A poet from the 16th century.

Luka Bizanti – Theological writer who governed the church of Kotor for 40 years.

Vito from Kotor (Trifunov) – Master of stone and metal cultivation and constructor 

Tripo Kokolja – An artist lived between 1661 and 1713 in Kotor. He decorated the church on Gospa od Skrpjela. 

Ivo Vizin – A seaman and a captain from Kotor. He sailed the world on his sailboat Splendido in 1852. 

Vuk Vrcevic – He lived between 1811 and 1882 and was born in Kotor. He was the collector of national treasure and folklore.

Tripo Simonuti – He was born in 1932 in Kotor. He is a violinist who with his two daughters founded Trio 

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