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Franciscan Monastery of Santa Clara, St Michael’s Church
St Michael’s Church
St Michael’s Church

What to see: Franciscan Monastery of Santa Clara, St Michael’s Church

Franciscan Monastery of Santa Clara: In 1288 the first Franciscan Monastery was built by the Serbian queen Helen de Courtenay. It was located outside the town walls at the southern town gate part. It was destroyed by the Venetians in 1656 as they wanted to prevent the building to be used by the Ottomans who were attacking the town. The second monastery was built in 1695. Current monastery is situated where the monastery of St Bernard was. The monastery was taken by the Franciscan nuns in the 14th century. It was dedicated to Santa Clara. It is also known as St Anthony of Padua church by the locals. 

St Michael’s Church: The first church of St Michael was mentioned in the documents of the consecration of St Tryphon’s Cathedral in 1166. After the researches followed by the 1979 earthquake, it was confirmed that there used to be a smaller church existed under the current church. Today’s St Michael’s Church is an example of a Romanesque – Gothic church. 

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