St Lucas’s Square

St Lucas’ Church, St Nicholas’ Church, Treasury of SOC in Kotor, Music School, Lombardic Palace
St Lucas’s Square
St Lucas’s Square

In Kotor Stari Gradi i.e. Kotor Old Town there are squares that mean Trg in Montenegrin. Most of the squares get their names from the significant buildings on that square or from the purpose of that square like Square of Arms, Salad Square or the Square of Flour. This square has got its name from the church of St Lucas. 

What to see: St Lucas’ Church, St Nicholas’ Church, Treasury of SOC in Kotor, Music School, Lombardic Palace

St Lucas’ Church: It was built in 1195 by Mauro Kacafrangi. It is an excellent example of Romanesque and Byzantine style. Next to the northern wall of St Lucas, a chapel of St Spiridon was built at the end of the 18th century. The importance of this church comes from being a house for both the Orthodox and the Catholic altar during the invasion of the Ottomans. Today it’s a Serbian Orthodox church. St Lucas Church, the church of Sveti Luka, is the only building in Kotor Old Town that escaped damage of the 1979 earthquake. 

Boka Kotorska, Bay of Kotor painting school founder Daskal Dimitrij painted the wall of the church with icons and religious paintings in the 17th century. This was a Catholic school and the church performed Catholic beliefs then however after the mids of 17th century with the arrival of Orthodox people in Kotor the church started to be used by the Catholics. The significance of this church is having two altars, of Catholic and Orthodox. Another interesting fact about this church is that its flooring was made of gravestones as until 1930s the people of Kotor were buried inside the church.

St Nicholas’ Church: It took seven years to build the church, from 1902 to 1909. There used to be the Dominican monastery of St Nicholas in 1540 on the area where the church was built. It is one of the most important Orthodox churches in Kotor. It’s a one nave church in Byzantine style. The golden crosses of the black domes were presents from Russia. The icons and religious paintings in the church are by Czech artist Frantisek Ziegler.   

Treasury of SOC in Kotor: It is located just next to St Nicholas Church. Archived documents, handwritten and early printed books are exhibited in here. Within the exhibited items, there is the icons of the painting school of the family Rafailovic – Dimitrijevic – Daskal, Italo-Cretan icons such as Christ Elkomenos, handwritten books such as Sluzabnik, Trebnik, and printed books as Zertva Abramova, Psaltir sa posledovanjem, some archived documents such as the foundation document of the Eparchy for Boka Kotorska and Dubrovnik signed by the emperor Franz Josef I.

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