Square of Flour

St Nicholas of Seamen Church, Pima Palace, Buca Palace
St Nicholas of Seamen Church
St Nicholas of Seamen Church

The name comes from the flour storages. Apart from the two palaces and the church, there’s the fourth building of Old Gymnasium which is partly located on Square of Flour and partly on St Tryphon’s Square which was built in 1863. 

 What to see: St Nicholas of Seamen Church, Pima Palace, Buca Palace

St Nicholas of Seamen Church: The remains of this church were found under the house number 328. It used to be the chapel of Buca family then given to the Fraternity of St Nicholas of Seamen (later to be called Bokelian Navy). The documents dating back to 13th January 809, to the year 1000 and the 12th century, it is confirmed that there used to be a guild of seamen in Kotor. There’s the statute of Bokelian Navy which was preserved from 1463. With the profits the Navy had from the taxes, from the sale of some ship supplies and the properties they owned, they supported the development of marine affairs as well as their ill members and their families. In the memory of their ancestors, the Boka Navy is memorialized and a festival is held on Boka Navy’s Day every year on 26th June. 

Pima Palace: It was built after the earthquake in 1667. The palace has Renaissance and Baroque touches. The loggia with two arch-vaults and the terrace are the examples of Renaissance style. The windows and the second floor balcony are the examples of Baroque style. On the top of the main portal there is the coat of arms of the Pima family held by two angels. Unfortunately the palace was damaged in 1979 earthquake and restored.

Buca Palace: The original palace in Gothic style was built in the 14th century. However it was damaged and destroyed by the earthquakes. After the restorations in 1667 earthquake it has got current appearance as a building divided into three.

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