River Gate

St Mary’s Church-Collegiate Church-Blessed Ozana, Grubonja Palace, River Gate
Kotor River Gate
Kotor River Gate

The early Christian cathedral church of Kotor dating back to 5th-6th century was located here. 

What to see: St Mary’s Church-Collegiate Church-Blessed Ozana, Grubonja Palace, River Gate

St Mary’s Church: In 1221 it was built on the area of early Christian church from 5th-6th century. The name of this church is called St Mary by the river officially. As the collegiums were held in this church, it is also known as the Colleggiata (Collegiate Church). Most locals call this church St Ozana due to the relic of the Blessed Ozana who was the patron saint of Kotor. She chose to be locked in a small cell next to a church and devoted her life to prayer. The building is a good example of a Romanesque church. 

Grubonja Palace: The palace was built in the 16th century which is located behind St Mary’s Church next to the Kotor clock tower. In 1955 the building was completely rebuilt. The coat of arms of the noble family Grubonja is Christ’s monogram, the skull, bones and snakes which is considered to be the coat of arms of the town pharmacy. 

River Gate: In 1540 it was built against the attacks of the Ottoman admiral Hairudin Barbarosa.  It is made of stones. The gate leads to the river Skurda. There used to be a wooden bridge at the northern gate which was the Montenegrin market where the farm products were sold. It is one of the three gates of Kotor Old Town. The other two gates are Gurdic (Southern) Gate and Sea Gate.

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