Kotor City Walls

City Walls Kotor
Kotor City Walls

The 4.5 km long Kotor city walls surround the old town of Kotor, from the sea level up to 250m high to the fortress of San Giovanni (St John). Their thickness changes from 2m to 16m, height of some parts are 20m. Some parts of the Kotor city walls were built during the Byzantines but the current walls mostly date back to 17th and 18th century, the time of Venetians.

Kotor city walls can be divided in four parts; lower part starting from Northern town gate along the river Skurda to Citadella bastion and along the seafront to the Southern gate, Gurdic Gate; the southern part from Gurdic Gate up to south to San Giovanni fortress; San Giovanni fortress on top of St John hill and the northern part of the ramparts from San Giovanni down to the Northern Gate.

To access the lower part of Kotor city walls, there are the entrances near the southern and northern gates and another access from the street between Kotor Old Town hall and Venetian arsenal. To access the San Giovanni fortress there are two entrances, one is near St Mary’s Church and the other is from Square of Salad. The southern part has an access from Gurdic Gate up to San Giovanni fortress. 

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