Craftsmen Street

Craftsmen Street Kotor
Craftsmen Street Kotor

Kotor has been famous with its craftsmen from the middle ages till later years. This street takes its name from the craftsmen’s shops such as goldsmiths, carpenters, belt-makers, tailors, binders, hatters, shield makers, locksmiths, millers, sword makers, bakers, inn-keepers, painters and fishermen, located on this street from the northern gate to the southern gate. As well as the craftsmen’s shop there are important monuments on this street such as Santa Anna Church which is assumed to date back to the end of the 12th century but restored after the earthquake in 1979; the prison from the 19th century; St Paul’s church dating back to 1263; the monastery and the church of St Francis dating back to the 17th century.

Zanatska Ulica, The Craftsmen’s Street in Kotor Old Town has been famous for arts and crafts since the 14th century. It goes along from the southern Gurdic Gate to the northern River Gate of Kotor town.

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