Hotels in Kotor

Where to stay in Kotor ?
Hotels in Kotor
Hotels in Kotor

Kotor Old Town Accommodation

It is possible to find hotels or other types of accommodation, like apartments, in Kotor. During the high season which is between June and September, the prices increase and there might not be available rooms if you decide to book last minute. Therefore if you think of visiting Kotor and Bay of Kotor during summer, we recommend you to make your booking a few months before your arrival day.

Kotor Old Town Apartments

There are lots of options of apartments within Kotor Old Town. There are studios, one bed-roomed and two bed-roomed apartments in Kotor. The prices change according to the season you wish to stay. The most expensive months are July and August. It is also the time when it gets more difficult to find availability. There are websites on which you can find information about the apartments in Kotor Old Town and book online. 

Kotor Hotels

Within the 29 hotels in Kotor, you may find three 3 star hotels, eighteen 4 star hotels, four 5 star hotels and four uncategorized hotels. Most of them are open all year round. The highest season for the hotels is July and August. Some of the hotels are located by the beach. Some of them are within walking distance to the old town of Kotor. 

Among the hotel options there are some well-known hotels in Kotor like Vardar Hotel. It’s not only an ideal accommodation due to its location but also a very unique historic building of Kotor Old Town. Another Kotor Old Town Hotel is the Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro. If you want to be by the sea and have a sea view room then there are options like Huma Kotor Bay, Hotel Forza Terra, Hotel Forza Mare and Hotel Casa del Mare.

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