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Trekking and Hiking in KOTOR
Kotor Trekking and Hiking
Kotor Trekking and Hiking

With its nature, Kotor is an ideal destination for hiking and trekking. There are several trails waiting to be explored by you hikers. The most popular trails are Ladder of Kotor, Seven Bay Trail, Brajici-Viskovici-Monastery of Stanjevici Trail, Lastva Grbaljska-Majstori Trail, Vrmac Trail, Kosmac Trail

The best months to hike are April, May, October and November when the Kotor weather is not as hot as summer. 

The Ladder of Kotor Trekking and Hiking Trail

The Ladder of Kotor is one of the most popular destination for trekking and hiking in Kotor. It is not surprising that it was built by the Austrians as a military trail as almost all the roads in Montenegro was built during the Austrian Empire. Venetians called it the Ladder of Cattaro. 

Before you start it is advised to fill your bag with bottles of water and some snacks. 

The road starts from the west of the Kotor Old Town and zigzags up to the mountain. Just follow the red marks on the rocks to find your way along the trail.

Where is the Ladder of Kotor?

The coordinates of the Ladder of Kotor trekking and hiking trail is: 42°25'38.0"N 18°46'24.1"E

How long does it take to hike along the Ladder of Kotor?

From the beginning till the end of the trail it is 940 metres long. Depending on your physical conditions and the weather conditions, considering the times when you can’t help yourselves to stop for the stunning scenery from bottom to top it’d take about 2 hours. 

Is it an easy trail to hike?

Yes it is. But depending on the weather it may get too hot especially in summer which may cause fatigue and thirst. Towards the end of the trail the road gets uneven and rocky where you may need to pay extra attention not to twist your ankle. 

Is it worth hiking the Ladder of Kotor?

It is worth hiking along the Ladder of Kotor for the stunning view. The best scenery of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor up from the Ladder of Kotor can be captured in the morning.

Almost in the middle of the trail, there’s another trail on the right towards St John’s Fortress. It is possible to change your route and start going down to Kotor from St John’s Fortress trail.

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