Kotor Sailing

Sailing in Kotor
Kotor Sailing
Kotor Sailing

Because of the air falling off the mountains causing strong winds, it may get difficult to find a good cove to anchor in the Bay of Kotor. The Bay is 18 km / 11 miles long and entered between Ostra on the west and Mirista on the east. Bay of Kotor has several small gulfs forming natural harbors.

One of the best locations to spend one or two days while sailing is Herceg Novi. The coves of Zanjic and Mirista are worth spending time to swim as they have the clearest water in Adriatic. The harbour of Herceg Novi has 30 berths for yachts up to 25 metre. 

The area is within the Mediterranean subtropical belt. Summers are hot and sunny, the other seasons are rainy due to the mountains. There are two types of winds you should watch out while sailing in the Bay of Kotor, Bora and Jugo. Bora is expected in winters and mostly in the Bay of Risan it gets severe. The cap clouds on the mountains are the signs of Bora coming up. Jugo is warm wind bringing heavy rain. 

When you are approaching the harbour you’ll be asked to provide the yacht’s name, owner’s name, radio call-sign, vessel’s flag, vessel’s registered port, destination and last port of call. You will need the boat registration papers, the insurance documents and the proof of competence to check in. When it is approved you register the port police with your passport.

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