Kotor Festivals

Carnivals & Festivals in Kotor
Kotor Festivals
Kotor Festivals

There are lots of festivals on the Bay of Kotor which you may join during your stay.

Day of Sveti Tryphon in January – It’s held in the glory of the town protector St Tryphon in front of the cathedral. In the ceremony the folk dances are performed and then it is followed by a mass.

Kotor Carnival in February – Known as Festanje. Months before the carnival masks are sold for this carnival. There are concerts and theater plays during the carnival. It is one of the most popular carnivals in Kotor.

Camellia’s Days in March – It’s a year preparation for March when the camellias blossom. The gardens are decorated, exhibitions are held and the Lady of Camellia is chosen usually among famous females who has worked in social activities.

Festival of the Underwater Movie in June -  It’s a competition of the films about the underwater world. Each year dozens of movies from different countries compete. During the festival there are other underwater films are shown. 

Kotor Summer Festival in July – Usually held in churches in Kotor with classic and spiritual music. 

Child’s Festival in July – It is the festival for the children. The theater plays are displayed, stories are told, children games are played.

International Fashion Festival in July – It takes several days and the fashion designers from all around the world gather, mostly the Italian fashion designers. Kotor is visited by actors and actresses, businessmen and designers from different countries.

Fasinada in July – It is in Perast, a few kilometers to Kotor. The yachts and sailing boats are decorated and sail around the Island Gospa od Skrpjela. Traditionally stones are thrown out of the shore and at night fish is served for dinner.

International Summer Festival in August – It’s the time when the street parties are held, the people gather at the squares of the town for celebrations.

Boka’s Night in August – The boats and barges are decorated and sail along the Kotor harbor. During the day and the night people party and dance. At the end of the night the best decorated barge is chosen and the night ends with fireworks.

International Music Clapper Meeting in August – It’s the clapper singing competition, a traditional folk singing. It is in Perast a few kilometers away from Kotor. Clapper singing is a special kind of singing in the south of Adriatic.

New Year’s Eve in December – Parties are held at the squares of Kotor. 

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