Cuisine of Kotor

Kotor Cuisine
Cuisine of Kotor
Cuisine of Kotor

Seafood is popular on the bay of Kotor in its coastal cities. It is easy to find international cuisine in Kotor but it is recommended to taste Montenegrin specialties. 

Fish Thick Soup: It is prepared with the cooked fish trout. It has pieces of fish, rice and some spices to give the soup its dark red colour. 

Frustula: A crunchy sweet cookie

Njoke: It’s a kind of pasta with potatoes like gnocchi

Njegusi Proscuitto: Njegusi is the name of the village where the prosciutto is made. The climate and the altitude of this village make the prosciutto perfect. The hind legs of the pig are salted for three weeks and hung for another three weeks. After four months of smoking the Njegusi Prosciutto is ready to be served with local cheese.

Njeguski Steak: Milovan Stojanovic, the private chef of the former Yugoslav president Tito, has won a gold medal for this steak in 1986. It’s made of a veal or pork schnitzel filled with Njegusi prosciutto and cheese or kajmak which is a local creamy cheese.

Buzara: Prawns, shrimps and shellfish are cooked in red or white sauce. The red sauce consists of red wine, tomato and onions with spices. The white sauce consists of white wine. 

Ispod Saca: Slow roasted veal, lamb or goat cooked with potatoes, carrots and onion.

Black Risotto: The colour of the risotto comes from cuttlefish ink which may turn your teeth to black as well. Its flavours are white wine, garlic and nutmeg.

Montenegrin Lamb in Milk: It is found in the north Montenegro. The lamb is slowly cooked in milk with carrots, fennel, potatoes, garlic, parsley and some spices. 

Cevapi: It’s the traditional fast food of Montenegro. Cevabdzinicas sell cevapi which is made of minced pork or beef sausages.

Kacamak: It’s typical mountain dish in Montenegro. It’s cornmeal cooked with potatoes and kajmak, the creamy cheese. 

Burek: It’s a filled pastry with cheese, meat, spinach or potatoes. Typically and traditionally served and eaten with yoghurt.

Palacinke: A large pancake filled with jam, chocolate or cream

Krofne: Kind of doughnut with jam or chocolate.

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