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Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is an islet, on which there’s a resort hotel and the Villa Milocer, operated by the international group of Aman Resorts since 2009. Once an island, now connected to the main land by a narrow manmade road. Sveti Stefan is located 6 km / 3.7 miles of Budva between the villages Przno and Sveti Stefan. The resort hotel on the island has 50 rooms and 8 grand suites in the Villa Milocer.

The Stevi Stefan island was once a trading center of the Pastrovic clan, was a significant and strategic location during the Venetians but by the end of 19th century the inhabitants of the island began to immigrate. After 1955 the island was renovated and turned into a hotel. 

If you are not staying at the hotel, you can visit the island by booking a table at its restaurant or joining a guided tour arranged by the hotel. The guided tours cannot be pre-booked and may sometimes be not available. They are done between 1st May and 15th October twice a day at 11:00am and 02:00pm except on the days when the island is booked for special occasions. If you are around at those times by any chance you may join the guided tour. It is 20 Euro per person. The guided Sveti Stefan Island tour takes about 45 minutes. Since this is a private property owned by the Aman group, there may be changes in price or times of the guided tours during different seasons.

Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel prices start from 1000 Euro per room. Sveti Stefan beaches are private for hotel customers but there are two beaches that can be visited daily. The entrance fee is 100 Euro per person.

You can walk to Milocer villa through a pine forest which has a stunning view.

Another way to access the island is reserving a table at a Sveti Stefan Restaurant. You can book a table at the Taverna or Nobu.

How to go to Sveti Stefan from Kotor?

If you are staying in Kotor for a few days it is recommended to have a rental car to explore the nearby towns on the Bay of Kotor. Sveti Stefan is in Budva which is 23 km / 14 miles to Kotor. 

There are also daily tours that you can join departing from Kotor visiting Perast, Budva and Sveti Stefan.

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