Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks Montenegro
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Our Lady of the Rocks
Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks, is also the name of the church which is located on the island of the same name. Gospa od Skrpjela, Our Lady of the Rocks is a manmade island which was formed by many sailors in hundreds of years. The church and the island have a great cultural and historical importance for the locals. The island can be visited by boat departing from the coastal cities of Montenegro.

According to the legend, years ago two fishermen saw a light on a ridge in the sea which was an icon of the Mother of God. They took it with them to the church on the mainland however the icon got disappeared at that night and found in the same location the next day where the fisherman had found it. The Perastians decided to build a church where it was found. After then every time a boat sailed out, the sailor threw a stone at the rich to wish for safe trip. This is how the islet was formed in many years. In 1484, after 32 years, an Orthodox chapel could be built on the man-made islet. In 1630 the Venetians built a Catholic chapel on the place of the Orthodox chapel and extended the islet.

On 22nd July the Perastians hold a celebration for St Mary Magdalene and her church. The boats sail out from Perast, sail round the island, throw stones and sail back to Perast. The festival is called Fasinada.

Our lady of the rocks visiting hours

The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is open between 07:00am and 07:00pm. The entrance fee is 1 Euro per person.

There is a small museum just behind the church on the island which has a collection of Perast history.

When visiting Our Lady of the Rocks do not forget that you are visiting a Catholic church so make sure that you are covering shoulders and not visiting it in swimwear. Shorts and T-shirts are accepted. 

Our lady of the rocks tapestry and Our lady of the rocks paintings

Within the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, there are the collections of 68 paintings of the 17th century artist Tripo Kokolja and a famous tapestry of Jacinta Kunic-Mijovic which was completed in 25 years. She used gold and silver thread as well as her hair to weave the tapestry that the Holy Virgin was embroidered on.

How to get to Our Lady of the Rocks from Kotor

You can rent a car to go to Perast from Kotor or just catch the local public bus, The Blue Line Bus, for 1 Euro. It takes about half an hour to go from Kotor to Perast. Then you can take a boat from Perast to the Our Lady of the Rocks. The boats cost between 3 Euros and 5 Euros per person. Once you are in Perast you may consider visiting the Perast Museum which is quite interesting and worth visiting.

If you are visiting Kotor by cruise ship and have a few hours to explore the area, then the easiest and quickest way is arranging a boat tour. 

Boat from Kotor to Our Lady of the Rocks

There are speedboat tours departing from Kotor which takes you the Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks within 2 hours. There are multiple departure times during the day. It costs 20 Euros per person for a small group boat trip. 

How to get to Our Lady of the Rocks from Perast

There’re boat tours from almost all towns in Bay of Kotor. The closest town is Perast. It is possible to rent a private boat or join a group boat tour from Perast to Our Lady of the Rocks.

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