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Maritime Museum Kotor
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Maritime Museum kotor
Maritime Museum kotor

The Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor was founded by the Boka Marine Fraternity in 1880s. It was open to visits in 1900. After the end of World War II, the current museum’s Baroque palace which used to belong to the noble family Grgurina, was restored to be used as a museum. Unfortunately the building was destroyed by the 1979 earthquake and rebuilt between 1982 and 1984. 

When you enter the Kotor Maritime Museum the first room of display is the Entrance Hall where there are bronze panels in relief of the most significant events and characters that played great role in the history of Bay of Kotor such as the siege of Kotor by Hairudin Barbarosain in 1539, the war of Lepanto in 1571, the earthquake in 1667, the 14th century old shipyard and the sailing ship Splendido of the Captain Ivo Visin who was the first South Slav to go round the world between 1852 and 1859 as well as some model ships like Triera, St Tryphon, Liburna, Karaka, Tartantela and Galeon.

On the first floor at the central exhibition hall there are collections from the 16th to the 18th century of the important captains who fought against the pirates like Captain Matija Zmajevic, Captain Petar Zelalic, Captain Marko Ivanovic, Captain Krsto Corko and the Captain Jozo Lukovic. There are also the important documents shown such as the copy of a document dating back to 1167 about the Kotor maritime affairs and the 1764 Mediterranean Atlas of Antoan Ruo.

In the drawing room of the Ivelic Family from Risan, there are the portraits of Marko Ivelic, who was a diplomat in the 19th century and whose wife was the cousin of the poet Alexandar Puskin, Count Simeon Ivelic, who was Marko’s brother, Katherine the Great and Elizabet Petrovna who were the Russian empresses. The portraits of the two Russian empresses were the gifts to Marko Ivelic given by the Russian Emperor. There are also the paintings of the sailing ships belonging to the Captain Vladimir Ivelic.

In the drawing room of the Florio family from Prcanj, there are paintings of the Kotor sailing ships by the famous artist Vasilije Ivankovic.

In the ethnography department there are the folk costumes, jewelry, and ornamental items like women’s belts, watches, silver buttons and antique furniture.

In the room where the old weapons are exhibited, there are the cold steel and fire arms dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

On the second floor at the central hall, there is the portrait of Captain Anton Radimiri who was the son of Bozo, a shipowner from Dobrota. Next to his portrait, there are the pictures of his ships. There are also the portraits of other shipowners like Ivo and Krsto Radonicic, Pavo Kamenarovic, Ivo Visin and Captain Federico Belavita in this hall.

The room of World War I and II contains pictures from these two wars.  

Boka Marine room displays different uniforms of Boka marine members, pictures of admirals and the keys of the town of Kotor.

At the steam-shipping department, there are the pictures of ships of the 19th century when the steam-shipping was developing as well as the captains of well-known ships and the shipping companies they belong to.

The library within the museum was founded in 1952. There are more than 16 thousand library units kept in the library.

The Kotor Maritime Museum is open between: 

08:00am and 06:00pm except Sundays and holidays (open between 09:00am and 01:00pm) between 15th April and 1st July and between 1st September and 15th October.

08:00am and 11:00pm between 1st July and 1st September except Sundays and holidays (open between 09:00am and 01:00pm)

09:00am and 05:00pm between 15th October and 15th April except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (open between 09:00am and 12:00pm)

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