Kotor Old Town

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Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town Montenegro
Kotor Old Town Montenegro
Old Town Kotor
Old Town Kotor
Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town

Kotor Old Town, Montenegro

The street plan of the old town in Kotor was created deliberately confusing against the invaders. Therefore the first time you enter the old town you may feel like you are in a maze trying to find your way out. You can help yourself by getting a map from the tourist office outside the sea gate.

Guided private or group tours are also available in the old town which are recommended as the stone buildings in Kotor old town have interesting stories. While you are walking through the narrow roads of this medieval town, you’ll get the feeling of going back in time. One of the best ways to enrich this atmosphere is eating cevapi, a traditional Montenegrin cuisine, to feel like a local. 

The Kotor old town is rich in history as well as the architecture. Every single building you see in the old town has a history and is an architectural work of art. There are worth seeing monuments and churches in the old town. 

During the high season it gets crowded during the day especially on cruise ship call days. Summer nights are also live and vivid with tourists and locals walking around, dining, partying and having fun.

How many days do you need to see Kotor and Kotor Old Town? 

For Kotor Old Town 2 days would be enough to explore throughout the city. Kotor Old Town is a must see for culture, history, museum lovers as well as for the ones who like dining out, shopping and partying. 

Kotor Old Town Museums and Galleries

Considering the buildings and the city walls, the old town of Kotor is an open air museum itself. The beauty of the architecture will amaze you, the history of them will surprise you but the damage caused by the earthquakes in 1537, 1563, 1667, 1729 and 1979 will upset you.

The most important museum in Kotor Old Town is Maritime Museum which displays the collections of the Boka Marine. It is located on Trg Bokeljske mornarice 391 in Kotor Old Town.

Historical Achieves of Kotor is located on Trg Sv. Tripuna (St Tryphon Square) in Old Town of Kotor which reserves historical documents about Kotor and Montenegro.

Cats Museum is located on Trg Svete Gospe od Andela in Kotor Old Town 371. It’s an interesting museum and a shop which displays various things about and to do with cats.

Galerija Tician is located in the main square of Kotor in Square of Arms, Kotor Old Town where you can find a wide range of art collection of local artists. It’s an art gallery and a shop which is worth visiting to see the collection of art displayed.

Namfleg is located in Kotor Old Town 368 which is a jewelry and watches museum. It is one of the few hot enamel museums in Europe. Other examples are only in France, Spain and Hungary. It is possible to see and buy the unique and handmade jewels and watches as well as join the interactive workshop. 

Dukley Art Centre is located in Ulica Njegosheva 4 in Kotor where you can get to see wide range of art collection. 

Gallery Nives is located in Kotor Old Town 328 which is one of the oldest art galleries in Kotor Old Town. 

Kotor 3D Museum is located in Kotor Old Town 456 in St Nicholas Square where you can learn about the Kotor Old Town history and the Bay of Kotor.

Walking Tour of Kotor Old Town

The only way to explore the Old Town of Kotor is on foot. It is recommended to have a guided tour so that you can learn more about the town, the culture and the history. It is possible to find small group tours or private tours of Kotor Old Town.

To explore the city with a guide on foot would take about 1,5 hours. Most walking tours start from the Square of Arms, from the main gate of Kotor, the Sea Gate where you can see the clock tower, medieval pillory, the Bizanti Palace, Beskuca Palace. Walking along the narrow roads you walk into the Flour Square Kotor where the Pima Palace and the Buca Palace are located. Continue towards the St Tryphon Cathedral, the St Luke Church and St Nicholas Church. Then head to Kotor Maritime Museum through Karampana Square to the Church of Saint Mary.

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