Island Mamula

Island Mamula Montenegro
Island Mamula
Island Mamula

Island Mamula, known as Lastavica, is located at the entrance of the bay between Lustica and Herceg Novi, near Zanjic Beach. The fort on the island which covers almost 90% of the area, was built in 1853 by Austro-Hungarian admiral Lazar Mamula to prevent the enemies to enter the Bay of Kotor. After 1942, the fort was turned into a concentration camp during the period of Mussolini. It was the time when torture and cruelty took 150 lives.

In 2016 the government made a decision to turn the island into a luxury beach resort in spite of the oppositions of some locals who had bad memories about this island when it was a concentration camp. The director Marija Paseta directed a documentary, called The Story of Mamula, about why the island should not be turned into a beach resort.     

There are also two films shot on the island, Campo Mamula about the World War II in 1959 and Mamula a horror film in 2013.

How can I go to Mamula Island?

The nearest town to the island is Herceg Novi which is 6 km away. It can be visited by boat trips together with the Blue Cave

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