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Montenegro Wines
Montenegro Wines

The tradition of wine producing has been going on for more than 2000 years in Montenegro. Due to its climate grapes are one of the most cultivated fruits in the country. Illyrians were the first settlers who cultivated grapes and the Romans were the first settlers who made the wine. 

There are two types of grapes which are used to make wines, one of them is Vranac, the dark grape which is used to make red wine and the other is Krsta, the bright grape which is used to make white wine. 

Within Montenegro, grapes are grown mostly on the coast by the Adriatic Sea and by Lake Skadar, close to Podgorica. Throughout the country there are more than 50 wineries where you can visit and join wine tasting tours. 

Other than the most popular Vranac grape and wine, there are Syrah, Kratosija and Sangiovese red grapes which are grown in Montenegro. 

There are vineyards in Montenegro where you can join Montenegro wine tasting tours. Cemovsko Vineyard which is the largest in Montenegro. It is located outside of Podgorica and stretches to the borders of Lake Skadar. The owner of the vineyard is a company called 13.Jul Plantaze. Mola Family Vineyards are located in Rogami Village. Radevik Estate is located in Rogami Village where you can have the chance to stay in their guest house. VinarijaBogojevic is another family-run vineyard which is located outside of Podgorica with a picturesque view of Lake Skadar. Winery Masanovic is in Virpazar on Lake Skadar. They produce six types of grapes and are specialized in Vranac wine. The Sjekloca Estate is also located in Virpazar where the Vranac wine is aged for a year and then distributed. Rupice Winery dates back to 1900s and is located in RupiceKomanske. One of the coastal vineyards is Castel Savina which is located in Herceg Novi where you can witness the wonderful view of the Bay of Kotor. The other coastal vineyard is Milovic Winery which is located in Ulcinj.

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