How to get a Montenegrin citizenship?

Get a Montenegro Passport
How to get a Montenegrin citizenship?
How to get a Montenegrin citizenship?
Montenegro Citizenship by Investment 

A new citizenship by investment program has been started by the Montenegrin government in January 2019. In order to apply for this program you have to be a citizen of a non-EU country and have a clean criminal record. Then you will have to invest 100,000 Euros into the Montenegrin government development fund to support non-touristy areas or make 250,000 Euros investment in an undeveloped areas of Montenegro or 450,000 Euros to invest in the developed areas of Montenegro. On top of the investment cost there’ll be 15,000 Euros tax, 10,000 Euros payment for each family member up to 4 and 50,000 Euros if you want to add more members of your family.

Only 2000 applicants will be accepted and the program is going to end when the mentioned number of applicants are completed. The duration to get a Montenegrin passport and become a citizen of Montenegro is 6 months which is the fastest way to obtain Montenegrin citizenship.

Montenegro Citizenship by obtaining temporary residence

You may obtain temporary residence permit by buying a property or opening up a business. After 5 years of temporary residence, you are able to get permanent residence permit. After 5 years of permanent residence permit you may apply to become a citizenship of Montenegro.

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