Getting a work permit in Montenegro

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kotor old town
kotor old town

Getting a work permit in Montenegro

You do not get a work permit with residence permit. You need to apply for work permit if you want to work in Montenegro. You can either open up your own business or work for a Montenegrin company. You will need a proof that you have a place to stay in Montenegro, maybe the property you own or the property you rent. You will need a bank statement showing that you have enough funds in a bank in Montenegro. Then you can apply for work permit and then for residence permit. 

Obtaining a residence permit via work permit is cheaper than obtaining a residence permit via buying a property however especially if you have the work permit by establishing your own company, you will need to make some profit and will be able to pay for your expenses. Otherwise your residence permit application for the next year might get risky. An annual expenses for a new company is about 1500 Euros for a year. Registration of a limited company costs about 550 Euros in Montenegro with all expenses.

Business ideas in Montenegro

Opening up a company in Montenegro takes about ten working days. The most common company type is the limited liability company. It can be established with minimum one shareholder up to 30 shareholders. You don’t need a minimum share capital for a limited liability company. 

The most popular industries are tourism and food. Agriculture, construction and energy are also within popular sectors. 

The most popular towns to do business in Montenegro

The business zones in Montenegro are in Cetinje, Polje, Kolasin, Bijelo, Berane, Niksic, Podrogica, Ulcinj and Mojkovac. However for tourism and food industry the most popular towns are Kotor, Budva, Tivat and Perast.

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