How to go to Budva

Budva Transportation Guide: Where is Budva and how to go to Budva?
how to go to Budva
how to go to Budva

How to go to Budva? 

Where is Budva?: Budva is a town located in Montenegro on the coast of Adriatic Sea.

How to go to Budva?

To get to Budva, you need to get to Montenegro first. There are options of flying, sailing or driving to Montenegro from other countries. The nearest airport to Budva is Tivat Airport. It is just 20 km / 12 miles away. The other airport in Montenegro is Podgorica Airport which is 65 km / 40 miles to Budva. From both airports it is possible to arrange private transfers or car rentals. There are not public transportation options from either airports to Budva. 

You can also drive to Budva from nearby countries such as:

Dubrovnik, Croatia – 94 km / 58 miles

Tirana, Albania – 182 km / 113 miles

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 286 km / 178 miles

Prishtina, Kosovo – 342 km / 212 miles

Skopje, Macedonia – 418 km / 260 miles

Belgrade, Serbia – 517 km / 321 miles

Thessaloniki, Greece – 580 km / 360 miles

Sofia, Bulgaria – 640 km / 398 miles

Zagreb, Croatia – 714 km / 443 miles

Istanbul, Turkey – 821 km / 510 miles

You can reach Budva by private yacht or if you’d like to go to Montenegro by ferry from Bari or Ancona in Italy, there are ferry lines to Bar in Montenegro. Bar is 39 km / 24 miles by car to Budva.  

Budva is a centrally located coastal city which has an easy access to and from other popular nearby coastal cities of Montenegro. It is easy to drive to get to Budva from cities like Kotor, Tivat, Dobrota, Perast, Bar, Risan and Herceg Novi.

 • From Kotor to Budva – 23 km / 14 miles

From Tivat to Budva – 25 km / 15 miles

From Dobrota to Budva – 27 km / 17 miles

From Perast to Budva –  35 km / 22 miles

From Bar to Budva – 39 km / 24 miles

From Risan to Budva – 40 km / 25 miles

From Herceg Novi to Budva – 45 km / 28 miles

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