Budva Old Town Travel Guide: Top things to do in Budva

Budva, Montenegro

Budva is located 23 km / 14 miles away from Kotor town center. For having lots of beaches and hotels, Budva is like the capital city of tourism in Montenegro. It is known as Budva Riviera. It’s not only touristic but also historic for having numerous historical monuments. You can find detailed information about Budva's location and how to get to Budva in “Where is Budva”.

Places to see in Budva

Old Town of Budva, Sveti Stefan, Budva Riviera, Mogren Beach, City Museum of Budva, Modern Gallery in Old Town Budva, Podmaine Monastery, Sv Trojica Church, Sv Ivan Church, Sv Bogordica Church, Sv Sava Church, Stanjevici Monastery, Podostrog Monastery, Rezevici Monastery, Gradiste Monastery, Old Olive Tree, Rustovo Monastery, Kosmac Fortress, Krapina Village, Duljevo Monastery, Kamenovo Beach, Becici Beach, Aquapark Budva, Hawaii Island (Sveti Nikola Island)

Budva Riviera

Budva Riviera is located in the west of Montenegro, stretching around the town Budva, 35 km / 22 miles along the coast of Adriatic sea. Along the coast, there are some locations as popular as Budva city such as Buljarica, Petrovac, Becici, Kamenovo, Rezevici, Sveti Stefan, Rafailovici and Drobni Pijesak. 

There are lots of accommodation options within Budva Riviera for being a very popular destination in Montenegro. With various kinds of accommodation options, beaches, restaurants, cafés and night clubs it is one of the best destinations for families and party lovers.

Budva Old Town

The foundation of the city Budva goes back to 2500 years ago. The Budva old town is one of the significant attractions of Budva city and Budva Riviera. Some of the buildings in the old town are used as accommodation and the ground floor of almost all buildings are used as shops, cafés or restaurants. 

 Within the historical buildings of the old town Budva, there are the Citadel which is currently used as a library and a restaurant, The Church of St Mother of God which dates back to 9th century but currently not functioning, The Church of Saint John which dates back to 7th century, is the biggest church in Budva, Archeological Museum, the city walls and The Church of Holy Trinity which was constructed in 1804. 

 Budva Beaches

If we were asked to make a list of top 10 beaches in Montenegro, more than half of the list would contain the beaches in Budva. To name some, Jaz Beach is one the best in Europe. It’s a pebbly and sandy beach, 4 km from Budva. It’s more than 1 km long where you can both hire sunbeds and umbrellas or use the free areas. Mogren I and II are known to be the most attractive beaches. It’s just 150 metres to the old town Budva. Both Mogren beaches are sandy and totally 350 metre long. The beaches have an admission fee. Slovenska Beach is a 1600 metre long pebbly beach. There’s a hotel at the back of it and restaurants and cafés. Becici Beach is one of the best and longest beaches in the south of Adriatic sea. It’s a beach with Grand Prix reward. It’s a 1950 metre long sandy beach with lots of tourist attractions. 

You can find more information about the other beaches in Budva on our Budva Beaches page.

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