Things to Do (Tours & Activities) in Tivat, Montenegro

Tivat is located in the southwest of Montenegro within the Bay of Kotor, 11 km / 7 miles to Kotor. The closest airport to Kotor town is located in Tivat. The cultural events such as Bocarska Olympiad and Ljetnje Feste are held in Tivat. It’s a popular destination for sailors and yacht lovers for having a new first-class modern marina which is worth visiting.  

What to see in Tivat: Porto Montenegro, Maritime Heritage Museum, Large Town Park, Buca-Lukovic Museum and Gallery, Belane Beach, Vrmac Mountain and hiking, Seljanovo Beach, Island of Flowers, Sveti Marko Island, Buca Palace, Kalardovo Beach, Plavi Horizonti Plaza

Tivat plays a great role economically in Montenegro just like Kotor town. Again just like Kotor tourism and Kotor real estate Tivat is as popular as Kotor city. 

If we compare Kotor property prices and Tivat property prices they are both the most expensive ones within Montenegro.

Porto Montenegro: Porto Montenegro is one of the top attractions in Montenegro and in Tivat. It is among the most luxurious and reputable marinas in the world. Porto Montenegro hosts many super yachts whole year around. You can read more about the port on our Porto Montenegro page. 

Maritime Heritage Museum: It is located in Tivat, close to the Purobeach in a two story building where more than 300 collections are exhibited. There are the collections from the former Naval Yugoslav base Arsenal and Astro-Hungarian ship equipment. There are also two submarines which are part of the collections of the museum but located outside the museum of course. 

Large Town Park: The park was founded by Admiral Maximilian Daublesky Von Sterneck in 1892. He asked all ship captains calling in Tivat to bring a young tree for the park he established. Therefore the park has various kinds of trees which were brought by the captains from all around the world. There used to be the former summer house of Radali and Lukovic family where the park was founded. Today the park covers an area of 5.9 ha. 

Buca-Lukovic Museum and Gallery: During the middle ages when there were royal families in Kotor bay, Tivat was the region where they had their summer houses. The building of this museum and gallery used to be the summer house of the family Buca. It is more than 500 years old and has a Catholic chapel. There are Roman collections as well as fishing and farming artefacts and some jewelry and folk costumes.

Belane Beach: It is one of the most popular beaches in Tivat. There are sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurant and other facilities like showers and toilets. You may find information about other beaches in Tivat on our Tivat Beaches page.

Vrmac Mountain and hiking: For being a mountainous country, Montenegro has many opportunities for hiking. Vrmac Mountain is one of the hiking routes where you can witness an amazing view of Kotor Bay. Vrmac is a division between Kotor and Tivat. When you climb up to St Ilija, the highest peak of Vrmac on 785th metre you can see the amazing view of Kotor. When you climb up to the other side you can have a view of Tivat, Island of Flowers and Sveti Marko Island. 

As Kotor was one of the most military port of Austro-Hungarians it needed to be well-protected. On Vrmac you can see the fortification Fort Vrmac dating back to 1860.  

Seljanovo Beach: Cape Seljanovo is a 1700 metre long rocky-sandy beach in Tivat. It is close to Opatovo and 1 km to Tivat. You can read about other beaches in Tivat on our Tivat Beaches page. 

Island of Flowers: It is a 300 metre long and 200 metre wide island in Tivat. The island is actually connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. There are about hundred people living on the island. There is a 13th Century monastery which was built by Saint Sava. The Island of Flowers is also known as Peninsula Prevlaka Miholska due to the monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael dating back to the 6th century. 

Sveti Marko Island: In 1962 a holiday resort was built and managed by Club Med which had 500 Tahiti-style houses. Until the Yugoslav wars it was a popular holiday resort but today it is abandoned. The name of the island comes from one of the four evangelists, Saint Marko who was the patron saint of Venice.

Buca Palace: It was built in 1548 as the summer house of the royal family Buca. Today it is used as a cultural centre where concerts and plays are held. 

Kalardovo Beach: It is located close to the Tivat Airport. It has shallow and sandy water. An ideal beach especially for the families with children. There are sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurant and café, toilets and showers. For other beaches in Tivat you can visit our Tivat Beaches page. You might also be interested in reading about beaches in Budva on our Budva Beaches and Kotor on our Kotor Beaches pages.

Plavi Horizonti Plaza: It is one of the nicest and therefore the most popular beaches in Tivat and maybe in the Bay of Kotor. And for being the nicest and the most popular beach it gets very crowded during summer. It’s a sandy and shallow beach. It’s just 20 minutes from Kotor town by car and 24 minutes from Tivat. 

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