Risan Kotor

Risan is the oldest settlement in the Bay of Kotor, dating back to the 4th century B.C.. It is located 18 km / 11 miles away from Kotor town centre. This small town has been protected naturally by the Orjen Mountain. 

What to see in Risan: Risan mosaics, Banja Monastery, Church of St Peter and Paul, Gabela Street

Risan is a small town where you can spend about 2-3 hours and see the most of it. You can have a day trip to Perast and Risan from Kotor on the same day. Perast is on the way to Risan when you’re driving from Kotor city.

How to get to Risan from Kotor?

There are buses between Risan and Kotor town every day starting at 7am until 10pm. This is the cheapest way to get to Risan from Kotor. It takes about 30-35 minutes.

You can rent a car and drive to Risan from Kotor by using the Kotor map and the road map below:

Risan Mosaics: It’s a Roman villa dating back to the ends of the 2nd century. The floors of the villa are decorated with mosaics and therefore the villa is known as Risan Mosaics as well as the Roman Mosaics. It is the oldest building in Montenegro. The top of the villa designed as the shape of the sun which was the symbol of Rome those days. There’s the Atrium in the middle of the house which has a pool to collect rain water to be used at the bathrooms and the kitchen. There are passages to the rooms from the Atrium.  

Banja Monastery: It is located on the way to Perast from Risan. It dates back to the 12th century. The name Banja is thought to be related to the Roman baths in the monastery which unfortunately fell into the sea with a landslide caused by the earthquake in Montenegro.
Church of St Peter and Paul: It is one of the Orthodox churches in Montenegro dedicated to St Peter and St Paul. It is located close to the central park in Risan.

Gabela Street: It’s a 300 year old street in Risan. It is located behind the market square and surrounded by old stone houses.

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