Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro
Location : Obala bb, Tivat 85320, Montenegro
Phone : +382 32 661 061
24 hours Open
Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Porto Montenegro Yacht Club
Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is located in Tivat, in the Boka Bay, the coastal city in the southwest of Montenegro. It is one of the best Mediterranean marinas and listed in the top 15 elite super yacht marinas worldwide. It’s the project of a Canadian businessman Peter Munk who changed this former Yugoslavian naval shipyard, once called Arsenal, into a luxurious port. The port has high-end events and provides facilities for celebrations such as anniversaries and weddings and parties. It’s a posh marina with designer shops and fantastic restaurants. It’s becoming a new Monaco, one of the top luxury destinations in Europe, with the super yachts and billionaire visitors from all around the world. Although in Europe, the berths and fuel are half price of the other ports within Europe.

Tivat is the city where the Porto Montenegro is located. It’s a coastal town in Bay of Kotor close to the other popular destinations of Montenegro like Kotor, Budva and Lustica Peninsula. Tivat has the second airport of Montenegro. The first thing comes to mind about Tivat is Porto Montenegro but the city has other attractions like the Naval Heritage Museum, Buca Gallery which used to be the summer house of the Kotor noble family Buca and Gorazda Fortress between Tivat and Kotor.

Marina Services: Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, 24/7 yacht assistance, duty free fuel, marina valet, tax free wines and spirits, luxury 5 star hotel and apartments for rent

The speed limit in the bay is 10 knots and 6 knots between the zone of Kumbor Strait and Verige Passage.

Check in and out can be made with the assistance of the marina team. Noone except the captain is allowed to leave or aboard the vessel until check in or out is done.

Black and grey water pump-out is free to use for yacht owners. It is not allowed to discharge any liquid waste within the marina. Rubbish should be bagged and tied then placed in designated containers. For larger quantities you should contact the marina office. You should call the marina office for collection of the hazardous waste.

Pontoons and jetties should be kept clear of the dinghies, equipment, spares, sails and other items at all times.

Minor repairs that will not disturb your neighbors and the environment are allowed in the marina. Works that may cause pollution like wood shaving or sanding dust are not allowed.

It is strictly required to keep the noise down after 10pm. Dogs must be kept under control at all times.

Only electric barbecues are allowed to be used in the marina. You should contact the marina office for shore side barbecues. Alternatively there are barbecue facilities within the Yacht Club.

The area of Montenegro Vessel Traffic Service consists of one sector that comprises of the territorial waters of Montenegro. It is 12 nautical miles wide from the base line to the open sea.

Porto Montenegro provides the following electricity options:

-          Single and three phase – 16 Amperes, 32A, 63A, 125A, 250A, 400A, 600A and 1000A

-          230 Volts and 400V

To import goods a pro forma invoice should be sent to the marina office before the shipment’s departure. Once approved, an invoice, consignee name and address, Eur 1 form if the goods are from Europe and invoice signatures must be provided.

Participation in the Vessel Traffic Service is obligatory for the following:

-          Vessels of 300 gt and more

-          Vessels of 50m or more LOA

-          All vessels on international voyages

-          Vessels with limited maneuverability

-          Vessels carrying dangerous or polluting goods

-          All vessels engaged in towing or pushing another vessel regardless of length

-          All vessels presenting a potential safety risk to navigation, people or the environment.

Vessels obliged to participate in the VTS must:

-          Inform the VTS of their position and intentions on the appropriate VHF channel.

-          Comply with all instructions issued by the VTS

-          Take account of all information received from the VTS

Entry Report: at least 15 minutes before entering the VTS area from international or inner waters, all vessels must submit a report stating:

-          Vessel Name

-          Vessel call sign

-          Flag

-          Position

-          Course

-          Speed

-          Destination

-          ETA

Deviation Report: Deviation report must be submitted to the VTS if a change has occurred in destination or any major change is ETA or any planned actions stating:

-          Vessel Name

-          Vessel call sign

-          Nature of deviation

-          Reason of deviation

Incident reports: Any maritime incident or marine pollution must immediately be reported to the VTS. It is obligatory to provide the details of the incident.

Emergency Contacts:

Dock staff mobile: +382 (0) 67 237 577 

VHF Channel 71

Security Mobile: +382 (0) 67 265 363

Ambulance: 124

Police: 122

Fire Department: 123

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