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Niksic Montenegro Travel Guide

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Niksic is 95 km / 59 miles away from Kotor city and known as the second biggest town in Montenegro. It is the industrial capital of Montenegro as well as the beer for having a brewery called Niksic. 

What to see in Niksic: Ostrog Monastery, St Basil of Ostrog Orthodox Cathedral, Emperor’s Bridge, Church of St Peter and Paul, Crvena Stijena Archaeological Site, Communist Partizan Monument, Bedem Fortress, Mostanica Bridge, Dom Revolucije, Niksic Heritage Museum, Lake Slansko, Lake Krupac.

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is 25 km / 15 miles from the center of Niksic. It is one of the most visited monasteries in Montenegro. From Kotor town to Ostrog Monastery it is 116 km / 72 miles but worth the long drive. From Kotor Old Town you can choose from two different roads to the monastery. One of them is through Niksic and the other road is through Podgorica. Although it will take about 4,5 hours for round trip and it can be visited within a day from Kotor, you may prefer to stay one night in Podgorica or in Niksic then drive on the next day to Ostrog Monastery.

The monastery of Ostrog is a Serbian Orthodox Church where Saint Basil of Ostrog was buried therefore it was dedicated to him. 

The white building is a typical example of Renaissance architecture. There are two parts, upper monastery and the lower monastery. From the lower monastery to the upper one it takes about 30-45 minutes to walk through the woods. If you don’t fancy a walk then you may park closer to the upper monastery which is about 10 minutes to the upper monastery. 

It attracts millions of tourists every year and can be visited with Kotor tours. 

Visiting Hours for Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is open from 6am to 5 pm between May and September and from 5am to 4pm between October and April. 

You can also stay overnight at Ostrog Monastery. There are 29 dorm rooms which are separate for men and women. Beds are 4 Euros. There is a bunk in the upper monastery. It is also possible to sleep in the garden of the monastery if you bring your sleeping mats.

But keep in mind that this is not a hotel but a monastery therefore life starts at 5am.

The monastery is visited whole year round but especially gets very busy on 12th May as it is the day when St Basil died.

Hotels close to Ostrog Monastery

There are a few hotels nearby Ostrog monastery. It is also possible to find more options in Podgorica or Niksic which are the closest cities to the monastery.

How to get to Ostrog Monastery

The best way is driving there by renting a car or getting a private tour from Kotor, Podgorica, Niksic, Budva, Tivat or Herceg Novi.

Below you can find Kotor map and driving map from Kotor to the Monastery of Ostrog.

What to wear when visiting Ostrog Monastery

You need to cover knees and shoulders. Shorts and sleeveless t-shirts are not allowed.

St Basil of Ostrog Orthodox Cathedral: The church was built by a Russian architect in Serbian and Byzantine architecture, on top of the Peter’s Hill to the west of Trebjesa Hill among the pine trees. St Basil of Ostrog Orthodox Cathedral is close to another church in Niksic, Church of St Peter and Paul. 

Emperor’s Bridge: It is a 269 metres long bridge, located on the Zeta River, on the road from Danilovgrad to Niksic. It was designed by Josip Slade and built in 1894. The name of the bridge comes from the Emperor Alexander III of Russia. 

Church of St Peter and Paul: It is worth visiting for the 16th century frescos. Located close to St Basil of Ostrog Orthodox Cathedral.

Crvena Stijena Archaeological Site: It is located 30 km / 18 miles to Niksic, in Petrovici. Crvena Stijena Archaeological Site is the deepest archaeological site in Europe with 31 cultural layers. It is estimated that people started to live in this area 100.000 years ago. It was found in 1954.

Communist Partizan Monument: It was built in the glory and memory of Montenegrin partisans.

Bedem Fortress: Bedem Fortress was built by the Ottoman Empire on top of the ruins of old Roman fortification. It consists of the walls and six towers on the corners. 

Mostanica Bridge: It is located on Mostanica river. Mostanica bridge was built in the 3rd century. 

Dom Revolucije: It is the House of Revolution in English. It is located in the centre of Niksic which was started to be built in 1976 in the memory of partisans who died in the World War II however unfortunately it has never been completed. The construction ended in 1989 after the death of Josip Broz Tito because of the lack of finance. It is an abandoned construction site therefore it is dangerous to go in.

Niksic Heritage Museum: It is located inside the King Nikola Palace. Niksic Heritage Museum was founded in 1951. There are historic, cultural, archaeological and ethnographic collections in the museum.

Lake Slansko: It is one of the three artificial lakes in Niksic. It was made to meet the needs of Perucica hydro power plant in 1950. As it is surrounded by the mountains and for having several islands it has a magnificent view.

Lake Krupac and Lake Liverovici: These are the two of the three artificial lakes in Niksic. They are visitied for restaurants, beaches and the view.

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